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  AgroPath: 01486-00150-00177
 Βιολογικό Bio: Yes
 Ποσότητα PDO: Νο Protected Designation of Origin
 Ποσότητα PGI: Νο Protected Geographical Indication
 Ποσότητα TSG: Νο Traditional Speciality Guaranteed
 Δυνατότητα Εξαγωγής Export Capability: Νο
 Kατεψυγμένο Frozen: No
 Τόπος παραγωγής Production Place: Shinoussa / Cnt. Kikladon / Greece
 Έτος (παραγωγής) Year of production: 2016
Packaging Availability
packages of 400 (gr)
Meet the producer
 agropath Address: GARDENIAS 9 STR, ZIP 13674
 agropath Telephone no. 2102406540
 agropath email
 agropath Website url:

The Beans of Schinoussa is a very special product, which is grown in the Cyclades too many years. The combination of volcanic soil with the arid climate give unique taste, ranking it in the top of gastronomy.

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Company Profile

Aeiforos gi is a company producing, packaging and marketing of organic products. In its present form operates by the year 2012, but our experience in the field of production and packaging of organic products. We work with organic farmers and packing from around the country with quality criteria, adequacy and fair prices. Our customers are well-known Super Market chains, organic stores, eateries, etc. The products we produce are available at farmers markets, while export to European countries. We chose as our headquarters and logistics center in Athens. This gives us immediacy on receipts – traditions, and the ability to offer always fresh products. Our goal is to offer our customers high quality products at competitive prices.

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