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  AgroPath: 03688-00017-00022
 Βιολογικό Bio: Νο
 Ποσότητα PDO: Νο Protected Designation of Origin
 Ποσότητα PGI: Νο Protected Geographical Indication
 Ποσότητα TSG: Νο Traditional Speciality Guaranteed
 Δυνατότητα Εξαγωγής Export Capability: Νο
 Kατεψυγμένο Frozen: No
 Τόπος παραγωγής Production Place: Ioannina / Cnt. Ioanninon / Greece
 Έτος (παραγωγής) Year of production: 2014
Packaging Availability
packages of 100 (ml)
Meet the producer
 agropath Address: F.TZAVELLA 21A STR, ZIP 45333
 agropath Telephone no. 2651069997 / 6972721804
 agropath email
 agropath Website url:

A restorative lotion used for pores tightening and unnecessary sebum removal for noticeably clearer skin. Apply it morning and evening before face cream.
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