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Agrohunter through promotions will distribute subscription COUPONS for the website Each coupon includes percentage discount or subscription duration for the specific offer that was allocated. In any case the coupon bearer (customer) cannot set them off with another company's service, or supplier, or to ask for cash back when returning the coupon.

The bearer (client) has the right to use the coupon until the date specified in the front part of the coupon. After that date the company or the supplier reserves the right to refuse to provide any services, while the bearer has no claim against the company or supplier.


Gift coupons

AGROHUNTER "Gift coupons" are distributed via promotions and are exchanged with equal or greater value goods up to the date listed in the front part of the gift card exclusively to authorized Agrohunter partners throughout Greek territory.

The AGROHUNTER "Gift coupons" presentation store can be any affiliate store or business by the Greek territory and will be listed on the official website of Agrohunter and in the section" Cooperating Entrepreneurs ".

The AGROHUNTER "Gift coupons" may in no case be redeemed for cash, but can only be exchanged for goods with equal or greater value. For purchases of goods less value than the AGROHUNTER "Gift coupon" no refund will be accepted.

Each AGROHUNTER "Gift coupon" for security reasons and to ensure its uniqueness carries the following security features: in the front part unique six-digit code that you enter in AGROHUNTER platform. If the above safety components are in any way altered so that it is not certain the authenticity of AGROHUNTER "Gift coupon", each Cooperating Entrepreneur has every right to refuse the exchange of AGROHUNTER "Gift coupon".

The AGROHUNTER O.E Company is not responsible in case of loss or theft AGROHUNTER "Gift coupons". The contracted partner stores will exchange AGROHUNTER "Gift coupons" delivering goods of equal value to the bearer without conducting identification control and won’t be responsible for it.

Tax document accompanying the purchased merchandise that was exchanged with an AGROHUNTER "Gift coupon", will bring no value payable if the values of the goods are equal to the value of an AGROHUNTER "Gift coupon", or the money difference if the value of the goods is greater.

The money difference will be paid by the AGROHUNTER "Gift coupon" bearer (customer). If the value of the goods is greater than the value of the AGROHUNTER "Gift coupon", the money difference should be paid by bearer in any of the payment methods (cash, cards, etc.) that are generally accepted in Cooperating Entrepreneurs stores.

AGROHUNTER "Gift coupons" Holders can exchange exclusively within the validity period as indicated on the front part of them.

200 gr. natural snail fillets (helix aspersa) in oil and vinegar, ready to be served! ...
Opening the lid of the jar containing the smoked snail fillets an excellent, fruity aromatic smell emerges. The flavors ...
500 gr. frozen snails in shell (helix aspersa). Fresh tastes for countless combinations. ...
200 gr. frozen snail filets (helix aspersa). Fresh tastes for countless combinations. ...
200 gr. natural snail filets (helix aspersa) in oil and vinegar, spices and herbs (onion, paprika, parsley). Ready to b ...
Opening the lid of the jar containing the smoked snail fillets an excellent and fruity aromatic smell emerges. The flav ...
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