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Standardization and Product Packaging

About Standardization

Certification standards along with quality control and consumer protection are not something new nowadays. These have been present from ancient times and are characteristics of high level societies.
Standardization, in combination with the principle of mutual recognition starts from everyone involved in the food chain and goes all the way up to consumers, is a market efficiency criterion that provides security to consumers. An attributed product identity through a standardization process is now a legal obligation for food businesses, thus improves their competitiveness since this way consumers gradually accept the brand.
By standardizing a product, we achieve safe storage during its transportation to consumer public and manage to keep its quality features and flavor intact. So, standardization beyond packaging aims for the better product promotion on any shelf.

To achieve this goal, we set:
  • High aesthetic standards while continuously renewing our proposals.
  • Domestic and International market survey following the latest fashion trends in packaging.
  • Frequent and continuous contact with our partners so that we can achieve high product quality and give a characteristic to our company.

Greek products have nowadays several advantages for the following reasons:

  • There is high variety and quality.
  • Products can be characterized as unique evolving this way into large and internationally protected brands.
So, a question arises if someone get advantage when investing in standardization of agricultural products:
Agricultural products standardization can increase the reputation of quality products thus earning consumers’ trust so that we have a more valuable product.
In modern marketing, only branded products have price and value over time, while standardization of high quality products in small packages is necessary to avoid bulk sales risk and further exploitation of each producer’s name. Although standardization is an expensive process for the producer, this additional cost will be returned as revenue to the producer. Additionally, standardization reduces risks when consumers do not accept the product. 
Basic marketing principles must be taken into account in standardization (as summarized in the following):
  • Consumers do not buy product they buy value.
  • The specific market for product availability need to be found first, after survey, and then production takes place.
  • Agricultural products’ marketing has no producer as a starting point.
Packaging materials used in standardization and their planning will have to provide adequate protection for food in order to reduce contamination risk of consumers. Packaging materials and any gases used must not be toxic, but must protect consumer health. Being sure about the correct storage conditions ensures: 
  • Human health.
  • Non-alteration of food characteristics.
Regulations concerning the packaging also refer to active materials, e.g. objects that come into contact with food (Active food contact materials and articles). These materials are divided into:
  • Materials and objects that their design affects food maintenance or improvement.
  • Intelligent materials and objects that come into contact with food (Intelligent food contact materials and articles).
Opening the lid of the jar containing the smoked snail fillets an excellent and fruity aromatic smell emerges. The flav ...
200 gr. natural snail fillets (helix aspersa) in oil and vinegar, ready to be served! ...
Opening the lid of the jar containing the smoked snail fillets an excellent, fruity aromatic smell emerges. The flavors ...
500 gr. frozen snails in shell (helix aspersa). Fresh tastes for countless combinations. ...
200 gr. frozen snail filets (helix aspersa). Fresh tastes for countless combinations. ...
200 gr. natural snail filets (helix aspersa) in oil and vinegar, spices and herbs (onion, paprika, parsley). Ready to b ...
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