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Processing of Agricultural Products

It is the process applied on an agricultural product and the process used for creating an agricultural product. This procedure does not include farm work that is necessary to prepare a product of plant or even animal origin so it can be sold.


Processing of agricultural products is one of the most important sections of the secondary sector production. This happens because this activity is connected with food production and products that help people and their immediate needs.
Main feature of processing is the use of agricultural products of the primary sector as raw material which results in food shape for consumers after the end of processing.

Crafts, packaging industries and product processing industries, e.g. production units such as: agricultural, farming, piscatorial and fish cultivation units are included in primary sector processing industries. Farmers, livestock breeders and processing industry are dependent on each other. It is necessary for them to work together to cover the needs of all consumers for Organic – Traditional – Local and Fresh products thus satisfying consumers’ gastronomy.
In Greece, food industry is the largest as it employs more than 350,000 direct and indirect employees.
The key features of new and modernized processing units are:
  • To be highly modern and technologically advanced.
  • To be capable of producing new products.
  • To process raw material by using ecological methods at all costs.
So the question arises if it is advantageous for someone to invest in processing.
Processing, and especially in agricultural products, is an advantageous investment for the following reasons:

It uses a range of products of one or more areas as raw material thus manufacturing products of greater value than the original unprocessed raw material.

By processing products, we can obtain more sustainable goods and even smaller in volume which gives the ability to export them abroad successfully, even at a better price.
In addition, processing of new high quality eco-products will always find a market place and also at more reasonable prices, rewarding not only the products but also the people involved in this procedure.
Please also note that it is absolutely necessary to perform a market research before the production in order to identify consumer preferences on prices, quality, content and packaging before the product hits the shelves and is available to consumers. For this reason, certification units are necessary.


200 gr. natural snail filets (helix aspersa) in oil and vinegar, spices and herbs (onion, paprika, parsley). Ready to b ...
200 gr. natural snail fillets (helix aspersa) in oil and vinegar, ready to be served! ...
500 gr. frozen snails in shell (helix aspersa). Fresh tastes for countless combinations. ...
Opening the lid of the jar containing the smoked snail fillets an excellent, fruity aromatic smell emerges. The flavors ...
Opening the lid of the jar containing the smoked snail fillets an excellent and fruity aromatic smell emerges. The flav ...
200 gr. frozen snail filets (helix aspersa). Fresh tastes for countless combinations. ...
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